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Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

We respect your privacy, and we are committed to protecting your personal data. In this document (“Privacy Notice”), we would like to provide you with clear and transparent information about which personal data we collect, as well as the legal basis we rely on when processing your personal data.

Please read this document carefully; it contains our Privacy Policy and information on how we use your personal data when you visit our website, book accommodations, stay in one of our partners facilities or if you communicate with us for other reasons.

This Privacy Notice applies in all cases of processing of your personal data, except in certain particular cases of processing of your personal data, in which cases we will inform you about the way your personal data is processed by providing you with a special Privacy Notice on the processing of personal data, which will contain a Privacy Policy relating to those cases of personal data processing.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us, as is described below in paragraph 4 – Contact information.

2. Versions and amendments

We will update this Privacy Notice from time to time to provide you with timely accurate and reliable information about how we collect and use your personal data. We will notify you of any changes to the way we process your personal data by updating our Privacy Policy and this Privacy Notice on the processing of personal data.

This Privacy Notice was updated on 01 February 2022

3. About us

For the purposes of this Privacy Notice and applicable personal data protection provisions, including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter: “GDPR”), the data controller and the company responsible for processing your personal data is Luxury Travel Collection Ltd. with a registered seat in Dublin, Ireland, Orwell Shopping Centre,  Orwell Park. Company Registration number: 686497 

4. Contact information

In case you have any questions related to the protection of your personal data, you can contact us by:

  • e-mail at [email protected]
  • mail at the address

5. Reasons for collecting personal data

We collect different types of personal data about you, depending on your relationship with us and the reasons for our communication.

6. Ways of collecting personal data

We collect your personal data directly from you, indirectly or automatically.

Directly from you

For example, in the following cases, we collect your personal data directly from you:

  • when you book accommodation, send us a request or otherwise provide us with your personal data;
  • when you make a payment;
  • when you make any additional requests or complaints 
  • when you communicate with us on social media or by email;
  • when you leave comments about your stay;
  • when you leave us contact information;

We collect your personal data indirectly when it is provided to us by another legal or natural person, for example, in the following cases:

  • if another person makes a booking for you;
  • if the data about you is provided to us by our business partner or intermediary through which you have arranged the accommodation service in our partners hotels, villas or yachts.
  • if we receive data about you from your airline;
  • we may also obtain data about you from your payment service provider;
  • we may also obtain data about you from our advertising service provider.

We collect your personal data through automated systems, for the purpose of improving the service or for security, for example, in the following cases:

  • by using this website, we collect certain information about how you use our site, as well as device data (such as IP address, browser type);

7. The types of personal data we collect

Personal data includes any data relating to an identified natural person or other data by which a person can be identified. The data we collect and process about you depends on your relationship with us and the reasons for our communication.

Examples of personal data we collect are:

  • Identification data
    • First and last name, form of address, gender, date of birth, username, PIN (OIB), and similar identifiers and data indicated on the identity card or passport.
  • Contact information
    • Address, e-mail address, telephone number, preferred language information.
  • Financial data
    • Payment details and invoice or credit/debit card number.
  • Technical data
    • Technical data include IP addresses, login information, location data, time zone, browser type and version, operating system, and other data about the technology you use to access our website.
  • Usage data
    • Includes data on how you use our website, products and services.
  • Marketing data
    • It includes data about your contact preferences.
  • Data about your preferences
    • Data on what kind of room you want, type of bedding and similar special requirements.
Special categories of personal data

Special categories of personal data are data on race, ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation, political views, union membership, data about your health, genetic and biometric data.

As a rule, we do not collect these types of data, as well as data on criminal offences. 

8. Your personal data

We collect different types of personal data about you, depending on your relationship with us and the services you use. In any case, we collect and process your personal data for legitimate purposes and on a valid legal basis.

By booking an accommodation, you enter into an agreement on the provision of accommodation services with Luxury Travel Collection Ltd. We collect the information we need about you in order to establish a contractual relationship and to process a booking. 

 does not prevail over the obligation to protect your privacy.

For some types of data processing, several legal bases for data processing are applicable, depending on the circumstances and context. For example, when we process your personal data for the purpose of issuing invoices and billing accommodation, we do so both on a contractual basis and in order to comply with our obligations arising from accounting regulations.

9. Cookies

Our website collects cookies that contain certain information about how and in what way you use our website. Cookies are small text files that contain a unique identification and reference code that the web browser saves on your device and with which we can recognise you again when you access our website.

We do not use this data to identify you nor do we use third party cookies for this purpose. Some cookies we collect last only during your use of our site, and some last a little longer, so that we can recognise you again when you access our site again.

More information about cookies can be found here.

10. Direct marketing

Direct marketing is the sending of promotional offers by which we offer you similar services to your address or e-mail address. We communicate with you in this way based on a legitimate interest.

With each such communication, we will inform you about the possibility to easily (by clicking on the link) unsubscribe and ask us not to contact you in this way again. In addition, you can contact us in writing at our e-mail address [email protected].

11. Personalization and advertising

For the purpose of personalising the service, we use identification data, contact information and transaction data. At a general level, we may analyse the behavior of our users and try to assess their specific interest. Based on this, we may group users, and based on such segmentation, we show personalised ads.

Just because you see one of our ads, it does not mean that Luxury Travel Collection Ltd. created your profile, it is possible that we just rented advertising space and you happened to come across one of our ads. In cases where we send targeted ads, we do so on a retargeting basis, in collaboration with partners. Even then, this is not confirmation that Luxury Travel Collection has created your profile, but it is possible that our partner – e.g. Facebook or Google – based on other options and your use of other websites that Luxury travel Collection does not have access to, estimated that you belong to a target group that might be interested in our ads.

Automatic data processing for advertising purposes does not affect your rights or our services that you may use.

12. Statistics

For the needs of our business, strategic planning and making important business decisions, we use statistical data analysis. This means that, based on a legitimate interest, we will process the data we have collected and processed about you on another legal basis, for example to comply with legal obligations or fulfil a contractual obligation, such as your age, nationality or language you speak.

When we process your data for statistical purposes, we continue to use it exclusively in an aggregated, depersonalised form. This means that this data can no longer be linked to you in any way and no longer represents your personal data.

13. Recipients of personal data

We do not share your personal data with third parties for the purpose of advertising their services. We will not sell your personal data to third parties.

In certain cases, we will share your personal data with other recipients, as follows:

  • In cases where it is necessary to share your personal data in order to fulfil a contract to which you are a party;
  • In cases where you have agreed to share your personal data with a third party (e.g. in the case of the use of cookies);
  • With judicial, tax, audit and other competent authorities, when we have reason to believe that we are obliged by law and other regulations to share such data (for example, at the request of the tax authority or in connection with an expected litigation);
  • With payment service providers with whom we have concluded agreements on the processing of personal data;
  • With hotel, villas and yachts owners and management agencies, with which we have concluded agreements on the processing of personal data 
  • With IT service providers with whom we have concluded appropriate data processing agreements, whose systems we use in our business (e.g. PHOBS booking system (Phobs d.o.o.), Microsoft Office 365.
  • With other service providers who provide a specific service for us, including external consultants, investment advisory service providers, professional advisors such as auditors, lawyers or accountants, marketing and market research agencies, technical support service providers and IT consultants who conduct certain testing or work on developing technical solutions in our systems;
  • In case of a merger or takeover of Luxury Travel Collection Ltd. in the future, we may share your personal data with the new owners of the company, and certain personal data may also be transferred during the purchasing process, to potential customers and their advisors, as part of the due diligence process.

14. Cross-border data transfers

We want to ensure that your personal data is stored and transferred securely. Therefore, outside the European Economic Area (hereinafter: EEA), we will only transfer data if that complies with the applicable data protection regulations and if the means of transmission ensure an adequate level of security for your data, for example:

  • Transfer of data to a third country, based on a decision of the European Commission on adequacy, which established that the legislation of that country has ensured an adequate level of data protection; or
  • A Data Transfer Agreement concluded with a third party, which contains standard contractual clauses accepted by the European Commission for data transfer cases within the EEA, to controllers and processors in jurisdictions without an adequate level of data protection; or
  • if you have expressly consented to the data transfer.

When we transfer your data outside the EEA and in cases where the country or territory to which the data is transferred does not ensure an adequate level of data protection, we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with the privacy policy contained in this Privacy Notice.

15. Security of personal data

We apply technical and organisational measures to ensure that your data is secure and to protect it from accidental or intentional unauthorised access, loss or modification. We have ensured that your data can be accessed only by those persons who have a business need for it, solely for the purposes that are permitted and of which you have been notified, and that these persons are obliged to keep your data confidential.

If you suspect any unauthorised use, loss or unauthorised access to your personal data, please notify us.

16. Data storage and retention periods

We store your data as long as it may be necessary in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected, including in order to comply with legal obligations. After the expiration of the retention period, we will delete the data, and in cases where this is not technically possible, we will make the data unreadable. In the event that we still need some data for legitimate business purposes after the retention period has expired, we will take appropriate steps to anonymise that data.

We keep data related to accounting regulations for 6 years. This includes invoices and bills that may contain your personal data.

If we use your credit card data for the purpose of guaranteeing your reservation, we will keep this information in our systems for a maximum period of 30 days after your check-out. If the guarantee is used and we charge your card, this information will be retained for a longer time period, in line with accounting regulations.

We store data based on our legitimate interest in accordance with justified and reasonable business needs.

We store the data we collect on the basis of consent, until the consent is withdrawn.

17. Your rights regarding the processing of personal data

Access. You have the right to access your personal data at any time by sending a request requesting that we provide you with all your personal data that we process.

Restriction of processing. You have the right to object to certain processing activities, for example, if we process your personal data on the basis of a legitimate interest.

Portability. You have the right to request a transfer of personal data to another service provider – in practice, this means that you have the right to request that we provide you with all personal data that we process in a machine-readable format or to request that we provide it directly to another company.

Rectification. You have the right to request an update, rectification or supplementation of your personal data at any time.

Erasure. You have the right to request the deletion of your personal data. We will comply with your request if we do not have a legal obligation or a valid reason of a legal or business nature for which we should continue to keep them.

Withdrawal of consent. In the event that we process your data on the basis of consent, you are entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. We will stop processing personal data collected on this legal basis without delay.

You can make all requests by sending a written request at the business address Orwell Shopping Centre, Orwell Park, Dublin 6W, D6WTF88 or by e-mail at [email protected].

Complaint. You are also entitled to submit a complaint to the local supervisory authority for data protection – The Data Protection Commission, at the address:

D02 RD28

Web: www.dataprotection.ie

We inform you that we will keep records of our communication, so that we can resolve any issue you contact us about as efficiently as possible.

We process your rights free of charge, and we will only exceptionally charge you the administrative cost of processing the request, in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. In that case, we will notify you before the cost is incurred.