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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Luxury Collection Croatia, where luxury meets the heart of Croatia. We are Ivana and Danko, and we’re not just founders; we’re passionate travelers, global citizens, and proud Croats deeply connected to our beautiful homeland.

Our mission is to immerse you in the enchanting wonders of Croatia, a country steadily gaining acclaim as one of the most sought-after summer vacation destinations. Unlike the expansive agencies that span the globe, we’ve chosen to focus solely on the place we call home – Croatia. It’s where we grew up, where we’ve explored every nook and cranny, and where we confidently vouch for the experiences we offer.

At Luxury Collection Croatia, we curate the finest selection of Croatian luxury villas, hotels, and crewed yachts that gracefully navigate the turquoise waters surrounding our more than 1000 stunning islands. As experts in luxury tourism in Croatia, we are your trusted guides, committed to ensuring that your journey is marked by unparalleled quality and unbeatable value.

To elevate your Croatian vacation to a level of perfection and unforgettable moments, we introduce our VIP concierge service. Guided by a single rule – there’s no request too extraordinary for our guests – we ensure that every desire, every wish is met with unwavering dedication.

With us and our esteemed partners, you are in excellent hands, and your Croatian adventure is poised to be an exceptional experience. Welcome to Luxury Collection Croatia, where luxury is personal, and every moment is cherished.

Luxury Collection Croatia Team