Villa Sea Castle

Do you want to experience rustic luxury? Nestled on the slopes of Učka, where the sun gently illuminates the rocks and the sea waves whisper under your window, Villa Sea Castle lies on a 909 m² plot of pure luxury! Built in 1903, this graceful lady preserves the secrets of her century-old story and invites you to indulge in her charms.

Step into an age of royal elegance, where baroque details, antique windows, and historic inventory transport you back to a time of velvet and silk. The spirit of Lovran’s golden age will captivate you, offering a sophisticated oasis of pleasure and glamour that is exclusively yours. The stone walls shield you from unwanted views, leading straight to the beach, where an intimate dinner with a private chef awaits amidst the idyll of the sea, sun, and ultimate comfort.

A rich history of the villa is mirrored in its impressive architecture, flanked by the imposing Učka mountain on one side and the tranquil blue sea on the other. Relax and enjoy breathtaking views that soothe the soul and body, surrounded by historic villas and stunning natural beauty.

Lovran, a traditional destination for seekers of peace, offers the serenity of the Kvarner sun, the gentle sound of the sea, and the lush scent of Mediterranean flora. Explore numerous restaurants offering gastronomic delights that capture the essence of the coast on this beautiful riviera.

Come and experience the perfect blend of history, luxury, and nature at Villa Erzzi. Your escape into rustic luxury awaits.